Important Information

ONLINE PROCEEDINGS: An online version of the conference proceedings is available from Springer.

CONFERENCE PROGRAM: The program is available.

VENUE INFO: The research track will be held in Davis Auditorium. The industry track will be in the Interschool Laboratory. Both facilities are in the Schapiro Center for Physical Sciences Research (CEPSR) building. This building is the center building at the north end of the main campus. It can be accessed from 120th Street or the campus level. Davis Auditorium is on the 4th floor (campus level) at the front (campus facing side) of the building. The Interschool Laboratory is on the 7th floor. Activities common to both tracks will be held in Davis; refreshments will be available in the lobby of CEPSR immediately outside Davis Auditorium. It is assumed that presenters will be using a laptop with PowerPoint or PDF. Directions to Columbia and other travel information is available.

Please also see older Annoucements.

About ACNS 2005

The 3rd ACNS :: June 7th - 10th, 2005 New York, NY, USA

The third ACNS conference brings together industry and academic researchers interested in the technical aspects of cryptology and the latest advances in the application of crypto systems.

ACNS will be held at Columbia University June 7-10, 2005. Slightly outdated directions to Columbia and New York City are available at the CS Dept homepage. Please see our page on traveling to Columbia for more updated information.

Things to do in NYC

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The Call for Papers is posted. A plaintext version is also available, as well as a one-page PDF version.


  1. Paper submission deadline is 26 January 2005 11:59:59 PM EST 2 February 2005 23:59:59 EST
  2. 7 June 2004: ACNS 2005 will be held at Columbia University in New York City, June 7-10, 2005
  3. 4 Aug 2004: The Call for Papers is posted.
  4. 22 Sept. 2004: The Call for Papers has been updated with a tentative submission deadline.
  5. 20 October 2004: Preliminary hotel information is available.
  6. 5 December 2004: Detailed advice about traveling to the United States and obtaining a visa. You can also visit the US Department of State's website.
  7. 21 December 2004: The paper submission server is activated. Please let us know of any problems via the e-mail address posted in the "Useful Links" menu. Note that both tracks use the same submission process. Your paper should be marked on the first page with the appropriate track.
  8. 21 January 2005: The submission deadline has been extended by one week, to February 2nd, 23:59:59 EST.
  9. 3 February 2005: The submission deadline has passed.
  10. 5 April 2005: Updated hotel information.
  11. 18 April 2005: Some information on the Upper West Side (including restaurants).
  12. 19 April 2005: Preliminary Academic Program posted.
  13. CAMERA-READY PAPERS: Camera-ready copies of your paper are due to the chairs on 15 April 2005. Email your completed paper to the chairs at the address listed to the right. They should be formatted according to the Springer guidelines. Please also remember to include the LaTeX source of the paper; you can submit all the parts of your paper as a .tar or .zip file. Completed and signed copyright forms can be faxed to John Ioannidis at +1 (212) 854 0271.
  14. Conference Registration: Registration is now open.

  15. UNIVERSITY HOUSING: Columbia University maintains a limited number of accomodations for conference guests. Guests can register using this system. Payment is required at the time of registration. You can also see other accomodations listed at our hotel page.
  16. VISA INFORMATION: Attendees may need a visa to enter the USA. If you are not sure, please check with your local US Consulate. Detailed information about traveling to the US is available. If you need a letter to present to the consular authorities, contact the conference chairs. Even if you already have a visa, it is probably a good idea to have with you a printout of the call for papers. NOTE: please include this information in your request to the chairs.