ACNS 2005 Accepted Papers for Industrial and Short Papers Track

The OpenEapSmartcard Project
Pascal Urien, ENST, France
Mesmin Dandjinou, University Polytechnique de Bobo-Dioulasso
Single Password, Multiple Accounts
Mohamed G. Gouda, Alex X. Liu, Lok M. Leung, Mohamed A. Alam,
University of Texas at Austin
Encryption-With-Redundancy For SCADA Message Authentication
Xunhua Wang, James Madison University
Andrew Wright, Cisco Systems
Secure Access of Medical Data With Query-Driven Encryption
Yanjiang Yang, Feng Bao, Robert H. Deng,
Institute for Infocomm Research
Singapore Management University
ADDER: A Web-based Internet Voting System
Aggelos Kiayias (University of Connecticut)
Michael Korman (University of Connecticut)
David Walluck (University of Connecticut)
Side Channel Attacks on Combined Countermeasures with Randomized Addition Chains
Tae Hyun Kim, Korea University
Dong-Guk Han, Korea University
Katsuyuki Okeya, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
Jongin Lim, Korea University
A Management Scheme for Time-Limited Cryptographic Keys
Yuichi Kaji, Ryo Nojima
Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Component Identification: Enabler for Secure Networks of Complex Systems

Andre Weimerskirch, escrypt GmbH
Katrin Hoper, University of Waterloo
Christof Paar, Ruhr-University Bochum
Marko Wolf, Ruhr-University Bochum
A Distributed Denial-of-Service Defense System Using Leaky-Bucket-Based PacketScore
Paulo Ayres, Huizhong Sun, H. Jonathan Chao, Polytechnic University
Wing C. Lau, Qualcomm
Generic Fair Non-Repudiation Protocols with Transparent TTP
Guilin Wang. Institute for Infocomm Research
A New Transitive Signature Scheme Based on RSA-based Security Assumptions
Dang Nguyen Duc, Zeen Kim, Kwangjo Kim,
Information and Communication University, Korea
A Biometric Identity Based Signature Scheme
Fergus Byrne, Andrew Burnett, Adam Duffy, Tom Dowling
NUIM, Ireland
Fixed-Hamming-Weight Representation for Indistinguishable Addition Formulae
Hideyo Mamiya, Atsuko Miyaji,
JAIST, Japan
Spanning Tree Protocol Management: Best Practices
Luis A. Trejo, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de Mexico
Improved Chosen Message Power Analysis on XTR and a Countermeasure Suitable to Parallelism and Generalization
Dong-Guk Han, Kyushu University
Tetsuya Izu, Fujitsu Laboratories
Jongin Lim, Center for Information and Security Technologies
Kouichi Sakurai, Kyushu University